There is a PROFIT-SHARING PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM built into this Tool. Yes - we will pay you to use this tool!
(Now that beat's a poke in the eye with a sharp stick)

How it works:

  • As a subscriber you automatically are entered into the Partner Program.

  • This Partnership generates a Unique Promotional Link just for you.

  • Email the link to members of your downline.

  • Embed the link in a graphic and put it on Social Media.

  • Every time someone clicks on your link and becomes a subscriber, you get paid!

How much?

  • 25% of their monthly subscription fee. (Hint - that's $11 per month to you).

  • You can do the math... Enroll 4 of your business builders into the program and your subscription is free!

  • Enroll more than 4 - and well, that can add up to a nice Christmas bonus (if you know what I mean).