MEMBERS SUPPORT  is the platform Healthy Wealthy Fix uses to management membership subscriptions and transactions. Below are some helpful links on the Wiki page.

If you want access to protected pages ie. Health Webinars, you’ll need to register an account with Below is a short video of how to create an account and get access.

In your account you control your membership. You can cancel, switch plans, and reactivate your account at anytime.

Only one credit card may be actively used at a time. If you need to change your credit card click the button below to watch a short video of how to do this in your account.

Members have the perk of Sharing protected content like Health Webinars and Health Q&A’s and live events. To learn how to Share click the button below.

Partners are members who are able to earn a commission from their referrals. These partners earn commissions a number of ways. Learn how to set up your Partner information in your account.


If you have any questions regarding this website you can email Healthy Wealthy Fix Support.